8 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

Published on 1/21/2020

One of the main reasons that people rent storage units is to keep their belongings safe. The problem is, if the storage unit is dirty, then those belongings can be at risk of damage or even pest infestation. Your rental facility will provide you with a clean unit, but it’s up to you to keep it that way after you have rented it. Luckily, keeping it clean is simple with these 8 tips.

Have Supplies On Site

It would be frustrating to travel all the way to your storage unit only to realize that you’ve forgotten the tools you need to clean it. If you keep cleaning spray, paper towels, and a broom on-site, then you will always have what you need for a quick spritz up whenever you visit your unit. That way it will remain spotless without you having to ever do a deep clean.


You can wrap your belongings in plastic wrap to keep dust and pests away. Make sure to use industrial wrap so resists tearing and wearing down.

Plastic Bins

If cardboard gets damp, then it can lead to a whole host of problems. The bottoms of boxes can disintegrate when you lift them, or the moisture can be a magnet for mold, bacteria, and bugs. The property inside those boxes can be at risk as well. Use plastic boxes and bins to make sure your property is protected.


You may need storage, but that doesn’t mean that you need everything that’s taking up too much room. Purge all of the items that you are not likely to every need again. You can donate to a local charity to save room in our landfills. Plus, it’s easier to clean when there is less stuff to navigate around.

Place Items on Pallets

Pallets aren’t just for moving loads around. If you place your property on pallets, you can protect it from damage from the floor. If there is a large rainstorm, snow melt, or even a spill from another unit that leaks into yours, then you could have major damage to your belongings. Being 6 inches off the ground can also protect against rodents.

Keep Food Out

Storage units are not an ideal place for food, whether you are storing it or eating it. Pests such as mice, rate, and bugs will be attracted to it. If you leave something in your unit by accident, it might rot and start to stink as well. Keep your unit free of food and finish your lunch before visiting.

Pest Prevention

Apply a bug prevention product to the perimeter of your unit each time you visit. This will ensure that your belongings are always protected from pests that you do not want to make a home in your unit.


There’s nothing worse than pulling the contents out of box after box to find something you need. Not only is it frustrating, but then you have to put everything back together again afterwards. To avoid this, make sure that all of your boxes are clearly labeled so that you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Keeping your valuables safe and secure also means keeping them free from damage. Follow these tips to make sure that your storage unit is as clean and organized as possible.