Organizing Your Storage

Published on 8/12/2019

There are several situations that could require self-storage solutions. People who are running out of space in their homes or offices, or who are downsizing can all make use of extra storage, for example. The key is to find storage that is convenient, fits within your budget, and can provide the security and safety you need for your prized possessions.

After you have rented a unit that suits your needs, the next thing you need to do is to figure out how to keep it all organized. Proper organizing and categorization will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for when you need it. Unfortunately, too many people simply stack their boxes as high as possible from the back of the unit to the front. However, if you take the time to rationalize how you store your items, then it can make things much easier in the future, and save you time and frustration in the process. Here are some tips to help you keep everything sorted.

Label Everything

If you have a collection of boxes and containers, then it is important to label each one as specifically as possible to make things easy to find. In most cases you can just write the category on the box, such as “kitchen utensils,” or “tax files.” This will save you having to open box after box to try to find what you are looking for.

Make a Sketch

Memory can be fickle, especially if you have moved things around in your unit. By making a sketch of your unit and the stuff you have stored there, you can easily locate the box or item that you need.

Most-Used Items as the Front

If you know that you will need to access your storage unit regularly for certain things, then you do not want to have to move several items out just to get at them. Place those most-used and accessed items at the front of the unit by the door so that you can quickly get in and out with little effort and little time wasted.

Go Up

Using vertical space is a great way to make the most efficient use of your storage unit, but you can’t simply stack boxes to the ceiling. The weight may cause the lower ones to collapse, which will leave you with a huge headache of a mess to clean up. By using shelving you can make use of the entire space while also avoiding damage to your boxes. It also looks neater and makes things easier to access.

Renting a storage unit should be about convenience. You do not want to spend extra time searching and pulling apart boxes to find what you need. By categorizing and organizing your space, you will be in and out in no time whenever you need to access your unit.